Bambi & Baby Copywriting

As a kid, we were taught sticks and stones can break our bones, but words can never hurt us.

While those well-meaning words may have rang true once upon a time, we’re living in a digital age.

And with that, we know words can certainly hurt a brand. 

But, thankfully, they can also inspire, encourage, and influence… that’s where I step in. 

As a qualified journalist working across television and print, I’ve worked for the likes of 7 News, WIN News, The Age, The Australian, and The Weekly Review, and in my spare time created content for brands from the real estate industry, to hospitality and everything in between. 

If it’s clean, accurate, targeted copy you’re after, shoot Bambi and Baby an email (metaphorically, of course. Please don’t actually shoot Bambi).

Whether it’s web copy, a press release, a menu, brochures, newsletters or content for a blog, you’ve got the brand. I’ve got the words. 

So let’s stop, collaborate and listen.

“My go to girl for all our press releases! Quick, reliable and always delivers the most engaging content! ”

— LeQure Detox, Tara H

“Elizabeth always brought a level of professionalism, and a unique touch that ensured our properties stood out from the crowd every single time.”

Richard A, Hocking Stuart

“Such a pleasure to work with, always delivering the highest quality work. Outstanding.”

— Rob A, Rob's Burgers

Published Copy

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The Australian

Melbourne Car Attack: We all share the pain of a mum robbed of her precious joy.