Single mums we love: Farrah

Three months into my chemotherapy regime, whatever relationship we had left was dissolved without repair when he left me on my knees, bald and crippled with side effects, holding a 3 month old baby while a slightly older one screamed from her high chair.  I was begging him to stay - to help – but he stepped past me and straight through the door. 

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Elizabeth AnileComment
Single mums we love: Julia Hasche

Julia was six months pregnant. She was alone in her apartment, having just split with her partner after a tumultuous relationship, when the weight of raising a baby alone dawned on her. “I remember just sitting there and saying, how is this my life? How am I pregnant and single? This wasn’t supposed to be my life,” she says.

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Single mums we love: Lisa Burling

It’s here, as she doubles over her sink, the aftershocks of an emergency caesarian shooting through her body, she notices a missed call from her partner.

“I assumed he was just checking in…  but he was calling to break up with me.” Just like that, Lisa was a single, unemployed, mother of two under three.

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