About Me

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Elizabeth, like many 20-something-year-old women, had a pretty straightforward plan for her life. First came the career, then love, a home and a family. She got all of these things; an accomplished journalist for The Weekly Review, WIN TV and the Seven Network all by the age of just 25. She got the man, the long-distance relationship culminating in a fairytale-style proposal, a home together and ultimately the pitter patter of tiny feet. Life was wonderful for Elizabeth. Until it wasn't.

At 26, Elizabeth's life was torn apart. Thrown on its head and shaken until almost unrecognisable. A young woman who barely a year ago had even thought about motherhood suddenly found herself alone with a new baby. A former career woman was, overnight, a full time single mum.

Despite the troubles she's faced and the curve balls life has thrown and continues to throw, Elizabeth remains unbelievably strong, her resilience immeasurable. Her positivity shines through her words, her beliefs and in everything she does and her love is personified in her beautiful, happy, bubbly baby boy. Her story teaches us that no matter how shiny life can look on the outside, everyone is going through their own issues and heartaches, but that these do not have to define us.

Elizabeth decided to create this blog as a means to share her story, to express herself creatively at a time when words can be so hard to find, and to hopefully give some solace to other women who may find themselves in the same or similar situations.

She speaks and writes in a way that is relatable not just to other single mums but to anyone who's gone through heartbreak, whose life has been turned upside down and, of course, to all parents.

"I guess what I want to get out there is the message that you're not alone," she says. And her most important message?

"It's not a bad thing being a single mum. It's empowering and a blessing."

I feel incredibly lucky to call Elizabeth one of my best friends. My life has been indelibly changed for knowing her. She's taught me strength, love and unbreakable friendship and I hope that by being brought into her world through this blog, you will get to experience even a portion of that yourself.

- Georgia Love